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The Atlanta Terrier Club is an AKC sanctioned group club that promotes all breeds of the Terrier Group. We meet monthly in the Atlanta area. Our meetings cover topics such as care, grooming, feeding, breeding, health, exhibiting, and behaviour of the terrier breeds.

We sponsor conformation, obedience, earthdog, and agility events all in accordance with AKC rules and regulations. Qualifiers of our conformation, obedience, and earthdog events earn participants points towards AKC titles.

Membership can be by Full or by Associate Membership.

  • Full Membership requires that the applicant attend two club meetings back to back. Full membership is mainly for applicants that live in the Atlanta Metro area and desire full voting privileges in the club's decisions. Full members receive the newsletter and email of notifications to members.
  • Associate Membership does not require attendance at meetings since most Associate applicants do not live in the MetroAtlanta area. Such members do not have voting privileges. Associate applicants are interested in participating and supporting the annual events of conformation, obedience, earthdog, and agility. This is a great way to receive the newsletter and email notifications of interest to members.

    Regardless of the type of membership selected the fees for an individual is $20 and a family/household is $35. Dues are renewable each year on March 1.

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